'A unique formula of design, fit-out and leisure management expertise focussing on enhancing the profitability of your business'
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Specialising in the Sport and Leisure Industry

New Ventures

Working with you to kick start your business, with services Ranging from site location and procurement - marketing and brand - Bank Funding and Negotiations

Growing Business

Specialising in discovering Development Opportunities and profitability, increasing membership levels and profile to Troubleshooting and Supplier Negotiations

Expanding Business

When your looking to build a chain and expand your brand we can help investigate Development Opportunities, Help with Management and Staffing, provide Upgrading Assessments


A small selection of Projects Built, Owned and/or Operated

River Bourne Health Club

Chertsey, Surrey

Various Projects

Across the Middle East

The Thames Club

Staines, Middlesex

FW Urban Gym

Bracknell, Berkshire

Devere Bellhouse Hotel

Beaconsfield, Berkshire

Moredon Golf Club

Swindon, Wiltshire

Wealdstone/Barnet FC

Harrow, Middx

Caversham Health Club

Caversham, Berks

RB Sports Hub

Bracknell, Berks

Bracknell Rugby Football Club

Bracknell, Berks

Urban Gym Concept


eActiv Club



Explore some of the ways we can help you grow

New Venture Solutions

    Site Location

  • ALS will provide a preliminary overview followed by a demographic and competitor analysis of the proposed location, and assist in analysing potential target market and membership potential.

    Development Feasibility

  • ALS will work with operators to develop and determine the all-in capital cost of a proposed development together with the overheads, running costs and the projected income, to ensure that anticipated profitability is achieved or exceededLayout and designALS will assist you with the design and layout of a proposed facility to optimize space, ensuring that the effective use and interaction of space is both user friendly and offers maximum sales potential.


  • ALS will obtain the best value when procuring fitting out and equipment, which ensures that they achieve the optimum balance of cost and quality, combined with ‘on time’ delivery. This invaluable experience is available to all of our Clients as part of our comprehensive service.

    Pre-sales Management

  • ALS can assist and/or run a successful Pre-sales campaign to offer much needed up-front income by creating a reactive response prior to the opening.


  • ALS will assist and/or run a successful marketing campaign ensuring maximum coverage to fit within an agreed budget.

    Bank Funding and Negotiations

  • ALS enjoy established relationships with a number of major banks and private funders, and can offer advice, support and essential professional support throughout the funding process.

Existing Business Solutions


  • ALS can provide a business audit to assist you to identify the business problems and issues, followed by recommendations on feasible solutions.

    Business Overview and Report on Potential Profitability

  • ALS will provide a preliminary business audit offering advice to maximize potential profitability.

    Membership level and profile

  • ALS can analyse membership levels and member profiles and offer advice on membership tracking packages to accommodate differing club sizes.

    Management and Staffing

  • ALS can offer advice on management and staffing ensuring adequate staffing levels, assisting with training requirements or offering a full Management Service with one of our service partners.

    Facilities and Equipment

  • ALS are able to offer essential advice on equipment selection and pass on our substantial discounts that we have negotiated with many of the top fitness suppliers, again allowing you the Client to benefit from our established business relationships.


  • ALS will assist and/or run a successful marketing campaign ensuring maximum coverage to fit within an agreed budget.

    Structures and Layouts

  • The structure and layout of a health or sports facility will have a dramatic impact upon it’s profitability, and particular attention should be paid to maximizing ‘secondary income’. Our many years experience of successfully developing and managing a wide range of different establishments will ensure that the potential of your business is fully realised

    Upgrading Assessments

  • ALS will offer a feasibility audit on the current ‘state of play’, providing advice on upgrade opportunities aimed at optimizing a rapid increase in income. Development Opportunities ALS can offer advice and support on proposed enhancements to maximize income potential and minimize capital investment.

Who Is ALS

'A unique formula of design, fit out and leisure management expertise focussing on enhancing the profitabilty of your business'

‘Steve Watts started his career as a professional footballer and successfully played for clubs in four continents including Asia, Australasia, Europe and USA. During this time he successfully completed a Diploma in Medical Science. In addition he received the BMC qualification under ‘Fitness for Industry’ and at this time was the youngest qualified Manager to receive this award.
He has a wealth of knowledge and experience expanding over 20 years. After working in the Hotel Industry he entered the private sector managing to secure private investments to open his first club. He worked from inception to completion managing all aspects. In addition to this he has acted as Leisure Consultant for HBOS & Lloyds TSB on various projects including various football stadium's and joint venture partnerships with Local Authorities. He has worked on a consultancy basis with a Surrey based Design & Marketing agency and is also currently working as a joint venture in the Middle East with Origin International.

He believes his success cumulates from his passion & energy to excel and also the insight to offer the correct leisure mix to fit the location’

Steve Watts


‘ We have designed, built and operated three successful health and fitness clubs:

The Fitness Warehouse was set up in 1995 At its height it boasted 750 members. it has gone through two major refurbishments. This was based on the evolving industry and in consultation with its members and in 2015 relocated to Bracknell Rugby Club www.fwurbangym.com

In 2000 we opened The River Bourne Health Club. We worked alongside the local council to tender for the facility offering a unique venture of a local authorities needs supported, funded and operated by a private operator. We managed to pre-sell over 1800 memberships and then went on to reach 3700 members within its first year. At its height it achieved annual record profits of 800k. By 2002 we bought out the sole investor. We sold the trading business in March 2013 However we have retained the property business. www.riverbourneclub.co.uk

In 2005 we opened The Thames Club in Staines after having played a key role in its design. Memberships reached 2500 and in addition to this it expanded into a successful Conference & Banqueting business. The club was sold to Sheffield United Football Club Plc in 2007. We worked for 12 months by SUFC plc as Director to facilitate a smooth take over. www.thethamesclub.co.uk‘

Working closely with the following selected partners we are able to deliver the solutions required

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